SUARA sound beds

suara sound bed

Due to demand from clients, we have been working hard on developing a new range of sound healing beds. 

After months of design and planning, 6 prototypes, and close to 300 Acoustic Bioresonance clients experiencing sessions on the beds, we are proud to announce the release of the SUARA sound bed. 

If you have tried an Acoustic Bioresonance session, you already know the power of experiencing sound and music in this way. We believe these beds are the future of sound therapy but also for entertainment, relaxation, and leisure as they enable a totally immersive experience of music where one is not outside the sound but inside it. 

Each SUARA sound bed is equipped with a top of the line vibro-tactile transducer speaker system built into a high quality Teak wood frame and durable water mattress. . 

We have also considered international shipping costs so that each bed can be flat packed (like Ikea products) and sent for a fraction of the cost and easily put together on site. 

Each bed is hand made in Bali so we are also able to customize the design and size for those with special needs.

If you are interested in purchasing a SUARA bed for your home or center, please get in touch via the contact form


Finding harmonic healing frequencies with Vortex Based Mathematics

Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM) seems to offer a coherent mathematical model for how energy in the universe gives birth to matter. Mathematics is usually based on quantities whereas VBM is a dynamic mathematical model that focuses on ratios, patterns, and the qualities of numbers.

VBM seems to explain the non-decaying spin of the electron and the infinite sustainable universal energy. It provides a mathematical model from which the famous energy torus can be constructed and to quote Marko Rodin, its creator, it is the Mathematical Fingerprint of God. If this is true, then we should be able to apply it to sound to find some harmonic tuning systems or scales that resonate with the mathematics of the universe.


In the VBM model above, the 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 circuit represents the 3D dimension of matter. The numbers double to give birth to the next using discrete number mathematics:

1+1 = 2

2+2 = 4

4+4 = 8

8+8 = 16 which reduces to 1+6 = 7

7+7 = 15 which reduces to 1+4 = 5

5+5 = 10 which reduces to 1+0 = 1

 3,6,9 are the 4th dimension and above which creates the conditions for the 3rd dimension to manifest. 9 is the Godhead or Source and 6,9 are the polarities that create the space time oscillation. The pattern here works differently:

3 and 6 double to equal each other:

3+3 = 6

6+6 = 12 which reduces to 1+2 = 3

3 and 6 added together equal 9:

3+6 = 9

3 and 6 multiplied by 3 or 6 equal 9

3x3 = 9

3x6 = 18 = 9

6x6 = 36 = 9

9 is the divine source where energy emanates in single moment of occurrence into our physical world.  It can be understood as dark matter, the singularity in a black hole, or the straight line emanating out of every nucleus of an atom. It is not subject to duality or parity so it always equals itself when divided or multiplied:

9x2 = 18 = 9

9x3 = 27 = 9

9x4 = 36 = 9


If we run the numbers on the 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5 doubling circuit and the 3,9,6 tripling circuit we get the following:

VBM scale.jpg

It is interesting to see many numbers with spiritual and cosmic significance such as the 72 names in the Kaballah, the 108 times to recite a Mudra or beads in a Mala, and the 144 days of the Mayan Baptune, 2160 miles of the diameter of the moon , and 864000 miles diameter of the sun. The length in years of the different stages of the Mahayuga also appear here: Satya Yuga 1728000, Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga 1296000, Kali Yuga 432000 which all added together equal 4.32 million years.

By setting A=432hz, we can create an interesting harmonic musical scale similar to Pythagorean tuning.

Then we can see that all numbers from the 3rd column onwards reduce to 9! The first column repeats the 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7 sequence indefinitely and the second column the 3, 6, 3, 6, 3 sequence.


Hindu religion considers numbers that reduce to 9 to be auspicious. It is also interesting to note that the earth’s fundamental frequency 7.83hz and the sum of the inner angles of any 2D, 3D, or sacred geometry shape also reduces to 9.

Triangle = 180

Square / Circle = 360

Pentagon = 540

Hexagon = 720

Septagon = 900

Octagon = 1080

Tetrahedron = 720

Cube = 2160

Octahedron = 1440

Icosahedron = 3600

Flower of life = 2160

The appearance of the number 9 is too frequent to be a coincidence. This would suggest that numbers that reduce to 9 to hold some kind of cosmic harmony.

We already saw that the A=432hz Pythagorean scale reduces to 9. Another harmonic scale in this regard is the 16-tone Factor 9  scale.


This chart reveals the inner angles of all our geometric shapes (red) and all the values in this scale reduce to 9.

Healing with VBM

If we continue to look at the VBM model, it states that the 3 is equivalent to what Daoist's refer to as Yin and 6 to Yang, the two balancing forces and polarities in the universe. The S curve in between is the 9.

Yin_Yang (1).gif

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel or vortex because they are essentially energy centers that distribute life energy into our physical bodies. VBM is the mathematical model behind energy vortexes and essentially anything that we perceive as being material even down to the cells in our bodies is an energy vortex so if we understand how to construct and repair energy vortexes using frequency, we could create a very precise sound healing modality using the frequencies and geometric scales we found earlier.   

For example we could try using frequencies that reduce to 3 or 6 in relation to balance Yin or Yang energy or using frequencies that resolve to 9 to repair specific energy nodes. It is an area I will keep investing through my sound therapy practice and hopefully publish some interesting results and discoveries.

Feel free to get in touch with your own discoveries in regards to using these frequencies for healing. 

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