SUARA sound beds

suara sound bed

Due to demand from clients, we have been working hard on developing a new range of sound healing beds. 

After months of design and planning, 6 prototypes, and close to 300 Acoustic Bioresonance clients experiencing sessions on the beds, we are proud to announce the release of the SUARA sound bed. 

If you have tried an Acoustic Bioresonance session, you already know the power of experiencing sound and music in this way. We believe these beds are the future of sound therapy but also for entertainment, relaxation, and leisure as they enable a totally immersive experience of music where one is not outside the sound but inside it. 

Each SUARA sound bed is equipped with a top of the line vibro-tactile transducer speaker system built into a high quality Teak wood frame and durable water mattress. . 

We have also considered international shipping costs so that each bed can be flat packed (like Ikea products) and sent for a fraction of the cost and easily put together on site. 

Each bed is hand made in Bali so we are also able to customize the design and size for those with special needs.

If you are interested in purchasing a SUARA bed for your home or center, please get in touch via the contact form